Infinite Chill (The Remix Sessions)

Album Released On: Sep 18, 2015
Released By: Infinita Records

release description

World Music guitarist and composer Lawson Rollins announced the release of his newest album Infinite Chill (The Remix Sessions) on September 18, 2015. The album features ten chill-out remix versions of his biggest hits, including a reimagination of his Billboard #1 hit, "Moonlight Samba." Co-produced by renowned Persian-American musician/producer Shahin Shahida, Infinite Chill (The Remix Sessions) is a musical East-meets-West, continuing Rollins' exploration into a multi-cultural array of global influences and styles, from bossa nova, samba, and gypsy swing to the modern pulse of electronica, chill-out, and down-tempo grooves.

Of the new album, Rollins shares, "This remix project has given me a refreshing chance to lay back in the groove with my guitar playing, trim back some of the density and multi-layered extravagances of my prior albums, and experience a little bit of musical spaciousness - 'the space between the notes,' as they say. Just like the album cover design conveys, there is as much significance in the 'white space' as the printed space. For the album, I specifically chose songs that would mesh well together and create a cohesive musical experience across the entire album, allowing for more spaciousness, lightness, and fluidity to exist over the still very present rhythmic pulse. My goal was to reinterpret 10 songs from my past releases in a manner that would reveal hidden gems otherwise obscured by wall-to-wall guitar - like the vocals from the iconic Brazilian singer Flora Purim along with contributions from the 16 different musicians featured on these tracks. I recorded new guitar parts with that sensibility in mind, allowing for more balance within the ensemble. It was a freeing process for me and great fun delving into a new, more contemporary musical aesthetic."

Rollins' collaboration with Billboard chart ranked musician/producer Shahin Shahida is not the first of its kind. The two have worked together in the past crafting cross-genre performances with internationally renowned musicians featured throughout all six of Rollins' albums, including collaborations with Grammy Award winners and nominees like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Charlie Bisharat, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim, Mads Tolling, Kayhan Kalhor, Horacio Hernandez, Buckethead, and William Aura.

The eclectic, world-fusion sound unique to Rollins' guitar style has landed his solo albums on the Billboard Top 10 World Music Album Sales Chart and the Billboard Top 30 Contemporary Jazz radio charts. His song "Moonlight Samba" from the album Espirito made it to #1 on Billboard, and he recently won Best Instrumental Song of the Year in the prestigious USA Songwriting Competition.

In addition to Rollins' worldwide success as a jazz/world/fusion guitarist, his music videos have garnered over 8 million views on YouTube. His videos showcase his lightening fast technical dexterity combined with his knack for fusing rhythm and melody. The video for "The Fire Cadenza" has received over 5 million views alone.

After parting with his Billboard Top 25 guitar duo Young & Rollins which released 4 acclaimed albums by 2006, Rollins relocated from Washington, D.C. to California and debuted his first solo album Infinita in 2008 on his own record label Infinita Records, catching the attention of fans and media alike. The title track "Infinita" - featuring vocals from Brazilian chanteuse Flora Purim - immediately rose into the Billboard Top 30 radio charts. From the United States to Australia and everywhere in between, Rollins has been interviewed on countless radio programs, served as a Celebrity Guest DJ on Sirius-XM radio, and been featured in Guitar Player, Acoustic Guitar, and Guitar World magazines as well as a wide range of online outlets.

On September 18, you can pick up a copy of Infinite Chill (The Remix Sessions) in any Barnes & Noble store as well as thousands of indie retailers across the country, purchase on Amazon, HDTracks, and iTunes, or stream on every major service including Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. A vinyl edition will also be available.