Cross Fade

EP Released On: Mar 07, 2014
Released By: Bag Pak Solo Series

release description

OBaH a.k.a. Olskool Beats and Harmonies finds himself slightly stepping away from his rare groove, funk & soul roots in Cross Fade and into the realm of dance music. It's a 3 track EP that features a stellar lineup of musicians and a vocalist. The sound is dominated by heavy dance drums, percussive elements, and is highly melodic. Cross Fade delivers a rich and classic sound that is sure to get your attention, and your body moving.

The first track, "NY Is On Some Shhh," is a musical tribute to New York. Everything about this track is inspired by New York and its influence on OBaH. A hard beat, melodic sample, with raw elements, this song is to inspire people to not only feel a groove, but also to listen to music with a political voice, which is where the referencing to the Occupy Wall St. movement comes into play.

The second track, "I Dream Of Rio," is a showcase of the artist's love for classic, funky Brazilian music of Rio, with its romantic and exotic lure. And lastly featured on the EP, "You Got The Love," is a cover tune. The original version of this song was released in 1974, recorded by Rufus and Chaka Kahn, and is a classic; a favorite of DJ OBaH. His first remix of the song is featured on Everything In Time, Remixed released by DJ Center on Push The Fader Records, which has more of an R&B feel.