Mood Matters

Album Released On: Apr 29, 2013
Released By: Jazz & Milk Recordings

release description

Mood Matters is the defining illustration of Dusty’s musical world. With open eyes and ears, in combination with an insatiable appetite for collaboration and experimentation, he constantly straddles the fine line between tradition and modernity. Several years after his successful debut album Keep It Raw, the Jazz & Milk label founder hits home with this beautiful record, one that highlights how talented he is. Mood Matters proves that an album need not simply commit itself to a genre, by seeking a natural balance between acoustic, electronic and traditional sounds through the prism of a club-music oriented approach.

Not only does the album feature some of Munich’s finest musicians, such as the members of the Bad Jazz Troupe, but includes collaborations with a diverse range of international artists. From the beautiful voice of Carla Vallet (France), the amazing guitar rhythms of Kokolo’s Ray Lugo (NYC) and Flamenco musician El Pirata (Granada) to the rich production sounds of Sam Irl (Vienna), the hypnotic percussion of César Granados (Panamá City) and the sweeping horn sections of Todd Simon (Los Angeles). The album covers the full spectrum of musical talent in all it's different shapes, while masterfully capturing the deep musical vision of its main architect, Dusty.

Dusty sets a high value to establishing his own characteristic sounds. For the most part, he avoids sampling on Mood Matters, and instead creates a sound somewhere between nostalgic sampling and a rich modern aesthetic by combining the charm of old recording equipment with the benefits of contemporary production methods. This fusion is brilliantly demonstrated on the title track, one that meshes forward-driven house vibes with organic jazz instrumentation. In addition, tracks like "Danse Macabre," "It’s Time," "Reascend" or "Lost in Andalusia“ bring together traditional live elements with electronic production, synthesizer sounds and heavy basslines. While a very danceable approach is found on most of the tracks, one also finds tranquil and underscored ones, such as the lovely pieces "All There Is" and "Longing Lingers" which features Carla Vallet’s vocal talents or on "Southern Spirits" with its colorful Flamenco guitar and gentle string arrangements.