Album Released On: Mar 26, 2013
Released By: Concord Music Group

release description

Nearly six years after the release of The Source, Kendrick Scott and his band continue to dig beneath the surface to find the deeper truths on his sophomore album, Conviction. As the title suggests, Conviction is the vehicle by which Kendrick and company look past the mundane and examine the motivating forces that propel us through life, even in those times when the greater truths are obscured by the tedium of the everyday.

The album plays as a continuous and seamless stream of music with no breaks between tracks, the net result being an atmospheric soundscape rather than a series of individual tracks. The set opens with Scott’s nod to his gospel roots in a traditional prayer in which seeks to be an instrument of peace, faith, hope and love. The prayer segues immediately into the shimmering “Pendulum, which showcases the captivating solo work of saxophonist John Ellis atop the solid foundation set up by Taylor Eigsti on piano and the full-bodied rhythm section of Scott and Sanders.

“Just like the title suggests, I’d like this album to encourage people to consider their own convictions,” says Scott. “We can live day to day and not really think about what our greater purpose is in this lifetime. What inspires me most about life are the opportunities we have to create and evolve. At any given moment, it’s our knowledge – and unfortunately, sometimes our lack of knowledge – that informs everything we do. And in those actions, if we’re wise enough to recognize it, there’s a quiet understanding that whatever we do has a purpose. With that understanding comes a sense of conviction. This record is my way of trying to give more thought to the things that I sometimes take for granted. Hopefully, I can take the listener on that same journey of self-discovery.”

Tour Dates
3/26 Jazz Standard - New York, NY | Album release show
3/27 Jazz Standard - New York, NY | Album release show
3/29 Bohemian Caverns - Washington, DC
3/30 Bohemian Caverns - Washington, DC
5/31 Bellevue Jazz Fest - Bellevue, WA
6/23 SF JAZZ - San Francisco, CA



Kendrick is not just a timekeeper. He is a musician with big ears and a great imagination. — Herbie Hancock

A heady mass of cool contra­-dictions. — Jazz Inside

**** Review — Downbeat

Conviction has moments of standard sleek jazz modernism from top New York players. — Jazz Albums To Look Out For In 2013 / NPR Blog Supreme