Nina Simone: Remixed & Reimagined

CD Released On: Oct 31, 2006
Released By: Legacy Records

release description

The voice of a movement and the original diva, Nina Simone gets the remix treatment by an eclectic array of producers shedding new light on the influential work of the high priestess of soul.

Nina Simone established herself as the preeminent "self-invented" Black American singer, songwriter, pianist and outspoken activist that covered a diverse range of influences from blues, soul, R&B, jazz to Broadway musicals, pop and gospel. Nina's music and life also struck a powerful chord with the emerging club underground that was simmering in New York and Chicago during the late '70s and early '80s post-disco era. The DJs and dancefloor denizens related to her authenticity and inspiring words of liberation, empowerment, equality, passion and love. But it wasn't just Nina's soul-stirring songs that transfixed clubgoers, it was also the blistering funk, fiery gospel, tribal African rhythms and underpinning soul jazz grooves that ignited the dancefloor. It wasn't uncommon to hear songs like "See Line Woman," "Westwind," "Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter," "O-o-oh Child," "African Mailman," reverberating on sound systems at seminal dance clubs from New York to Chicago championed by DJs like Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Francóis K., David Mancuso, Ron Hardy and Tee Scott, among others.

This brand-new collection includes many of Nina Simone's most definitive works from her RCA Records recording period (1967-1974), reinvented by some of contemporary dance and electronic music's best producers. Led by Groovefinder's sweltering big beat '60s pop re-rub of "Ain't Got No/I Got Life," which is already a Top 30 hit in the UK, Remixed & Reimagined features top remixers like Francóis K., whose incandescent reworking of "Here Comes the Sun" channels electro-jazz house nuances, Mocean Worker, who turns "Go To Hell" into a irresistible hip-shaker laced with funky breaks and mesmerizing sound effects and Nickodemus, who transforms "O-o-oh Child" into a colorful rollicking anthem reminding you just how blissful life can be. Other top shelf remixers include Coldcut, Tony Humphries, DJ Logic and Jazzy Nice. Remixed & Reimagined is a powerful reminder of the gifts Nina Simone bestowed to a generation of music lovers to uncover, embrace and share. It is also a homage to her music and life, which deeply impacted and inspired the global dance community.