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A Band Called Flash


Within today’s musical diaspora, an exceptional talent is a rare find. Emerging from the suburban town of Maplewood NJ, Jared Hines is a true singer/songwriter/musician practicing pure musicianship. Having an avid record collector and DJ for a father, as a youth Jared was surrounded by a consistent mix of eclectic and obscure music from every genre imaginable.

At 14, he received his first bass guitar from a friend. Solely concentrating on the bass, he started making music, practicing little riffs and chords, staying up until dawn until he mastered the instrument. From there, Jared quickly acquired the skill for playing the guitar, drums and keyboards. While attending Hofstra University, Jared became interested in songwriting and becoming proficient utilizing music software.

Currently stepping out on a solo journey, Jared is about to set the electronic dance music world off its heels. Combining early 80’s electro funk and the synth-pop/punk sounds of the era with his own music sensibilities, Jared is creating some of the most refreshingly eclectic, modern electronic dance music.

Deep House renegade, DJ/Producer, Ron Trent released Jared’s first EP, Mother Confessor, produced under the pseudonym, A Band Called Flash on his Future Vision label. Taking his cues from his father and Ron Trent, they asked him to create something akin to the UK jazz funk outfit, Atmosfear and the end result, five forthright dance floor-grabbing tracks!

Jared has now followed up with his second EP, Phantom, on his own record label, J4J Records. It is available now at digital retailers and on CD via Disk Union on October 26th.

A solo album is also in the works, IGLC (Intergalactic Love Cloud) that he plans to release himself in the next few months under Jared Hines.