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Neneh Cherry


Neneh's early years are astonishing. She spent her childhood living 50/50 between a loft in New York and in the South of Sweden with her mother and stepfather, the legendary jazz musician Don Cherry. She's been lifted onto Miles Davis' lap, Allen Gin... more


"...a stark, bracing, and emotionally vulnerable album that straddles the jazz, pop, and electronic worlds rather brilliantly" — SPIN

"Four Tet's sparse, apocalyptic production practically demands Yeezus comparisons. But then again, Cherry was singing over sparse, brutal, state-of-the-art rap sonics nearly a quarter century ago." — Stereogum


Blank Project

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Released On: Feb 25, 2014

Out of the Black ft. Robyn - Remixes

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Released On: Feb 18, 2014


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Released On: Feb 05, 2014