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OBaH turned a family legacy into a profession, becoming a rising industry music producer and highly sought after NYC DJ. OBaH stands for Oldskool Beats and Harmonies for a very good reason: he is the son of veteran NYC DJ, musician, professor and act... more


"Compiled by DJ OBaH, the mix is a stone-cold funkfest, taking in Latin and African rhythms, soulful house, disco and dub, all mixed in a creatively nonlinear fashion." — Time Out New York

"DJ OBaH finds the heart of Brazilian Soul." — DJ Times

"Fusing just what his name implies, dusty percussion and smooth, throwback melodies, with a modern sensibility that invigorates his tracks with a sense of immediacy, OBaH confers a contemporary feeling to a decidedly retro sound palette." — Okayfuture

"The NY based producer and DJ's melodic house track also combines elements of funk and soul, which is reminiscent of peak time hours in the Big Apple's clubs circa the '90s, an era famous for being the concrete jungle's dance music hay day." — Sarah Polonsky, Vibe


Cross Fade

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Released On: Mar 07, 2014
Released By: Bag Pak Solo Series