Bands x Brands: La Roux & Unlocking The Truth

In this week’s edition, we focus on two very different artists, but both are pushing the music envelope.

La Roux

English synth pop band originally consisting on Elly Jackson on vocals and producer Ben Langmaid released their excellent Grammy Award winning debut La Roux in 2009. Elly has finally released the sophomore album, Trouble in Paradise, but minus Langmaid. It’s one of our favorite cds of 2014 with excellent songs and great driving production.

Unlocking The Truth

A young trio from Brooklyn who are not only the anti boy band but play metal good enough to now be signed to Sony. Malcolm Brickhouse aged 13 and Jarad Dawkins aged 12 met in church when they were toddlers and 13-year-old Alec Atkins joined a couple of years ago. They already have a book contract with Penguin and plans to film a documentary à la “One Direction: This Is Us.” Unlocking The Truth are as unique as they come and distinctive enough to really stand apart.

- Maurice Bernstein