Bands x Brands: Banks & Glass Animals

Banks (who uses her last name as a mononym) emerged just last year, releasing a steady stream of songs combining the bared emotions of Fiona Apple with the hazy, electronic-R&B instrumentation of the Weeknd and the blue-eyed soul of the XX. It’s a combination that quickly gained her a solid online following, a record deal with Capitol’s Harvest Records imprint followed and plenty of media buzz.” Her debut album, Goddess, is set for release in September. via Washington Post

“Oxford four-piece Glass Animals are signed to super-producer Paul Epworth’s new label Wolf Tone – which, given his talent-spotting track record with Adele and Florence + The Machine, says something for their commercial appeal, sitting as they do directly between Alt-J, Wild Beasts and In Rainbows-era Radiohead. That singer Dave Bayley is a qualified doctor perhaps explains their brainiac aesthetic, all intricate beats and time signatures, but their songs have heart to go with the giant brain. ‘Black Mambo’ is straight-up sexy R&B, ‘Pools’ is an immediate blast of tropical rhythm, and recent single ‘Gooey’ shimmies and slides along magnificently. Best of all is pleading love song ‘Hazey’ and its east-meets-west instrumentation. An assured debut.” via NME